Friday, February 09, 2007

Ultimate News

We were called into action to sub for a couple different ultimate teams late last night. Originally called by Kevin to sub for his team, which we did; then we were asked by the next team playing to sub for them as well. Made for a late night, but it was great! And here's why:

[The following contains graphic terminology specifically used in an ultimate setting. Please do not attempt to understand wtf I'm talking about if you've never played the sport. Reader discretion is advised.]

During the second game, both Ferda and I were on for the same point. I was marking the handler, forcing a hard right-hand flick, deep in the field, near the opponent's end zone. I had a solid mark on him, and at around stall 6 he had no option but to turn and look for the dump - who happened to be Ferda's check. Ferda's mark didn't really made a solid cut to break away from Ferda, and as a result, the pass my check gave to his dump was high and lofty. I guess his plan was to was to pop it up over Ferda and have the girl snag it behind her. Oh well, not what happened since Ferda had wicked positioning on her check, she completely boxed her out, and pulled down the disc in the opponents end zone scoring a callahan.

That's right. Ferda's.First.Callahan. I wanted to keep the game disc so we could get it bronzed, but apparently that sort of thing is just not done. Congratz Ferda!


ferdao said...

too bad we couldn't get the disc bronzed eh?

Kevin said...

Nicely done Ferda!!!

Thanks again for coming out guys, you both really kicked some ass last night.

And, not that my skillz are as mad as yours - let me know if you ever need a sub Saturday's! ;-)

James said...

our pleasure.

I'm sure later down the road we'll need a sub, so we'll keep you in mind Kevin.