Monday, February 05, 2007

Weekend Review: Feb 4-5

Man - Mondays certainly do suck. Back to work after a nice weekend break. Spending time at home, taking it easy, seeing some friends, and then BAM! back to work. Sucky sucky work. Professional ski bum looks pretty sweet right about now.

Had a lot of fun at Mike and Mel's place on Saturday night. It was also nice to see everyone again that we haven't seen for a while. Winter turns us all into hermit crabs: hiding in our protective shells only coming out to occasionally feed on the sea's scraps spread across the ocean floor. Ugh - never mind. Watching too much Discovery Channel I guess.

Also this weekend we got a win on our ultimate game on Saturday afternoon. I snagged a couple points and Ferda had a good game as well. I suppose it can be blamed from a lack of stretching before and after the game, but my legs and back are quite stiff today. This is also contributing to the sucky Monday.

Yesterday, Ferda spoiled me, James and Heather with a whole lot of tasty food. We watched parts of the game, played some Wii Sports and WarioWare. Very fun and crazy game. Kinda strange too.

In other news, February is under way. That's good to know that we are slowly creeping towards summer. Yeay! Summer!

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Mike said...

Sore legs? You haven't been playing enough DDR.