Tuesday, February 06, 2007

ZOMG! BIG TV WEEK!!!1!one two

Lots of good tv this week. Not only did last night have new episodes of Heroes and 24, it also had the premiere of The Hills Season 2 on MTV. Also starting back up this week is Lost!

If you thought I was strange before because I like Laguna Beach - I'm here to disappoint you even further by saying I like The Hills even more. And this season has the potential to be great with love interests provided by Brody Jenner and Spence (don't know his last name) of Princes of Malibu fame. Have you ever watched that show? Brody Jenner is the step son of David Foster, a HUGE music producer in LA. He's in his young twenties and is TOTALLY spoilled and reckless. Spends so much money, destroys his step-dad's property and belongings; it's just plain crazy. Watching this show makes my jaw drop and my head shake.

Anway, since LC is no longer with Jason from season 1, and she seems to be hooking up with Brody, things could get very interesting.

Sorry Mom - I'm a reality tv junkie.

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