Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Orhan Gencebay

Just when I thought I had nothing to blog about - Ferda randomly comes across an interesting Turkish documentary on the documentary channel. So we watch it through, and it was pretty cool.

It was actually specifically about Turkish music, so Palmer, this is for you:

One of Turkey's most famous musicians (and actors!) is Orhan Gencebay - who even has his own IMDB page. Here he is:

Apparently he has recorded more one thousand albums (literally!) and has appeared in numerous movies with this exact mustache! Awesome. After watching this show, I thought to myself: Self - you must blog about this.

He plays a guitar-like instrument called a saz - and he plays it very well. The one he played for the documentary was more than 30 years old and he called it Orhan Baba - or Daddy Orhan. Awesome. It only had three strings as far as I could tell, and it sounded great.


And might as well do a quick catch up, not much is new. We are keeping busy with work and whatnot - enjoying being indoors on cold days such as today was with -40 degree weather! Yay Ottawa!


ferdao said...

the documentary is called Crossing the Bridge - The Sound of Istanbul and we were only able to catch the tail end of it.

If anyone sees it anywhere let me know!

Palmer said...

Wait a second. Hold old is this dude? 1000 albums? That's...impossible! Maybe I should watch the documentary. Maybe he APPEARS on 1000 albums.

Either way, that moustache is flipping sweet.

James said...

That's what the show said, more than 1,000 albums.

My jaw dropped as well.

Ferda told me that he's really very popular and famous in Turkey.

yasakresim said...

1000 albums? Um.. Not really.

He released

42 singles between in 1963-1978,

15 longplays between 1971-1988,

And 32 MC&CDs from 1968 to 2006.

And performed leading role in 36 movies.

He singed in his albums nearly 500 songs...

And also, he gave his songs to many other singers. The number of the songs which he never released, but allowed other singers to use, is nearly 100.

So, I know totally about 600 songs of Orhan Gencebay.

Where the number 1000 should be mentioned is... Orhan Gencebay said that he made nearly 1000 musical composes in his life.

In his albums, he composes, arranges, sings, produces, plays instruments (especially saz/baglama), and directs all other stuff...

Espacially in his releases between 1970-1978, you can hear a hybrid/fusion of Turkish Folk, Turkish Classic, oriental, Greek, Spanish, Jazz, Country, Progressive, Psychedelic, Indian, and Classic Western music.

I know all about Orhan Gencebay, because he is my idol.

Check out:

yasakresim said...

Here's an another source: http://progressive.homestead.com/ORHAN_GENCEBAY.html

ferdao said...

well in the documentary that's what was said - that he had 1000 albums