Monday, April 30, 2007

More on Sandwiches

Here's a guest blog entry from my grandfather in BC:

Glad you do not use cucumbers in your sandwiches, a useless tasteless veggie at the best of times but worse in a sandwich where it falls out - unless deliberately removed and left on the plate - as by me: June [my grandmother] may one day get the message.
But why mix meat and cheese? Its as bad as wasting money on a "Steak and Lobster dinner where the taste of each is masked by the other and you get the worst of both instead of the best which you get when eating them separately. There is nothing better than a good beef or ham or cheese sandwich, on their own, where you can enjoy the full flavour of the contents unmasked by other disconcerting tastes which end up making the whole thing an amorphous mess! And that ignores the fattening and health problems of having both unnecessarily together!


I don't agree with everything you wrote here Jack. I do like cucumbers sometimes in a sandwich. And meat and cheese go together like peanut butter and jam. But thanks for your input regardless. :D

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Mountain Dew or Clam Juice?

Blecch! Ew! Sheesh! I'll take a clam juice...


Friday, April 27, 2007

Super_ap's School of Sandwiches

There's a very important part of my life that I've never talked about on here before, something that I've been doing for a very long time, and that is eating sandwiches. I have a lot of experience with sandwiches and I've been enjoying them since as long as I can remember. So I would like to take this time to give some tips and advice to the novice sandwich eaters out there. Let's start this off with some tips on preparing the sandwich, then move on to advice on how to eat the sandwich, and then finish off with some things you should definitely avoid when it comes to sandwiches.

[Note - most of these tips will be directed towards men. That's not to say women can't follow this advice, just do so at your own pace for the sake of keeping your femininity]

Choice of bread is paramount to making a good sandwich. Well - maybe not that important. All sorts of bread can be your friend here so you can make different and interesting sandwiches and never get bored. For example, making a wrap-type sandwich with a tortilla gives the traditional sandwich a southern twist. Or getting cheese bread from the deli will also create a tasty sandwich. Just make sure you don't pick something stupid like focaccia - follow this simple rule when it comes to choosing bread: if you can't pronounce it - don't eat it.

Next comes the placement of meats, cheeses and condiments. This is very important. Some people might tell you that it doesn't matter what order this stuff is placed together on the sandwich, since, when you eat it, it all gets mixed together anyway. Wrong. Those people are idiots. And seriously, who are you going to trust? Some idiot? No. I didn't think so. Heck - you are reading my blog so obviously you trust me. Ok, back to the order. Let's start like this. A sandwich is basically a carbon copy of any meal that is now built for travel form, right? You have the main 'meat' part, you have the 'salad' part, and you have the dinner roll part. When you go out for a nice steak dinner, do you mix all the different bits together? No, didn't think so. So therefore follow these steps in terms of placement for the different parts of the sandwich:

Starting at the top of the sandwich:

The top part of the bread should only be touching the mayonnaise. Now I suppose the mayo is optional. But really, skipping the mayo is like going for Chinese food and skipping the fortune cookie at the end, so don't leave out the mayo. Unless you are like allergic to it or something. If that can even happen. Whatever.

Next to the mayo should be lettuce and/or tomatoes. This is where the 'salad' part of the sandwich shines. You could go crazy here and add other vegetables, but it's not necessary. Stick with the basics and you will be satisfied.

After the veggie part comes the second most important part of the sandwich: the cheese selection. Choosing the correct cheese is like picking a wine to match your dinner. They say red should be paired with red meats while white should be paired with poultry and fish. This is very similar as to how you should pick your cheese. If you have a flavourful meat like Montreal smoked meat or a spicy salami, your cheese should not be too strong, in an effort to not overpower the taste of the meat. However, if you are picking a more common meat like black forest ham or turkey breast, the cheese should be stronger, like a flavourful havarti or a sharp gouda. Don't forget about non traditional cheeses like goat cheese and feta. Placed in the right type of sandwich, these cheeses can really make for an outstanding sandwich.

The most important part of the sandwich is the meat selection. Without meat, there is no sandwich. If you take only one thing away from this article, remember that last sentence. Too many times I see wasted attempts at a great sandwich, only to be missing the meat. Its like a nice looking car with no engine; it looks good but you're not really going anywhere. Meat type is not so important. There's a lot of different tastes out there and I can respect that. But here's some interesting tips: make sure to put enough meat on your sandwich - if you put too much and you can't finish the sandwich then you can say that you have done a great job and made the perfect sandwich. Conversely, if you are still hungry after finishing said sandwich - you have failed. Another helpful tip would be to be creative and mix your meat types together: cajun chicken and hungarian salami make for a powerful punch, while prosciutto and honey ham are incredibly tasty when paired together. One final tip for choosing meats is this, it's actually quite simple but too often forgotten: bacon. Bacon can successfully be added to ANY sandwich. Not only that, it SHOULD be added to any sandwich.

Under the meat and before the bottom piece of bread is where traditional condiments such as mustard, ranch dressing, salt and pepper, or even wasabi should be placed. Experiment with different mustards, my personal favourite is honey mustard. Also experiment with different condiments you have in the fridge. I find bbq sauce to be very refreshing on a cold sandwich. Also, 3 cheese ranch salad dressing is quite good too.

Now that you know how to make a proper sandwich, what kind of teacher would I be if I didn't teach you how to eat a proper sandwich. That would be like teaching a man to drive, but not teaching that same man how to pick up women. When you eat a sandwich, eat the first half holding it "right side up" and the second half "upside down". Some sandwiches are much better in one orientation, due to placement of meat, cheese, condiments and vegetables as we discussed earlier. By following this rule, you will always be eating your sandwich the correct way half of the time. For some of you, this will be an inconsequential tip, for others it might change your life. (A side note for veteran sandwich eaters only: if you like, you can eat the first half of the first half in the primary orientation and the second half of that first half in the secondary orientation. The second half of the sandwich can then be consumed in the preferred orientation).

Finally, let's talk about some things you should avoid when it comes to sandwiches. When you ask someone to make you a sandwich (ie: mom, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend (I don't discriminate against sandwich eaters who prefer the company of the same gender)) make sure you are explicitly clear about how you would like your sandwich made. There is nothing worse than having to throw away a poorly made sandwich, since all the ingredients will have been wasted. Also, doing this really upsets the person who made the sandwich, so it should be avoided as much as possible. Another tip I would recommend would be to always try to keep your fridge stocked with the necessary ingredients to make a good sandwich. There's nothing more upsetting than wanting a sandwich and not being able to make one, so be prepared. And my final tip for this subject is to wash your hands before eating a sandwich. Since you will be eating what you were just holding, it makes sense to have clean hands. Otherwise you might as well just lick your dirty hands. I will mention that there is one solution to this, if say, you can't wash your hands for some reason (ie: outdoors, water is shut off, it's 3am and you don't want to wake anyone in your house by turning on the taps), try holding the sandwich by one corner of the sandwich and not touching any other part of the bread. Eat the sandwich up to that point only, and then toss the 'dirty' corner in the garbage. I don't advise you do to this often, as it's very wasteful, and also, if you put the sandwich down for a second to have a drink of something, and then go to pick it up again and you have forgotten which was the 'dirty' corner, you are totally boned.

Till next time, stay safe and have fun.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Sucker for Punishment

Monday night we saw the finale of a second season of The Hills. And I suppose what is most incredible is that after two full seasons, neither LC nor Heidi have learned a freaking thing. (Note - the 2nd most incredible thing is that I'm still watching...)

[spoilers - if you haven't watched it yet]

I can't believe Heidi moved in with Spencer - she should have known better after seeing what happened with LC and Jason. I can only predict bad things happening here. I think the smartest one of the bunch is Whitney; but clearly not that smart since she's still hanging around these R-tards.

I guess the two biggest questions that are left unanswered are:
1) Will there be a season 3?
2) Will I continue to watch?

And my predictions:
1) Probably
2) Most definitely.

Monday, April 23, 2007

That's What She Said...

Statement of Other Income (T4A)

Back to work after a beautiful weekend. Really the first nice weekend we've had. BBQs were brought out and dusted off, cars were washed, gardening was done. Sadly thought, Ferda's been kinda sick for the past number of days. She stayed home from work on Thursday, and on Friday I insisted she go to the clinic to see what the matter is. The Dr's figure possible strep - but we won't know for sure until the sample comes back from the lab. Regardless, I worry for my lokum cause she's really been out of it: sleeping lots, no energy, and not really eating.

Weekend plans were simple - Friday not much happened, we met with a contractor to nail down the details for our interlock tumbled stone patio in the backyard. Ferda's pretty excited about this and so am I. Hopefully we'll have it done in the next 30 days or so, maybe even sooner. Just a neat little area off the backdoor where we can place the bbq, and then a patio table and chairs. Heck, maybe I'll have to get some patio lanterns as well. :D

Once that is done, I'll take a few days off work and get the fence between our yard and the neighbour's yard finally done. I haven't spoke to the neighbour yet, but I'm hoping he wants to go 50/50 on it. My dad stopped by yesterday for a visit, and he recommended instead of a typical cedar fence I should plant about 5 or 6 of some species of tree, I forget the latin name he used. He described it as a tall, pointed evergreen. I'm really not sure which would look better.

The rest of the weekend was pretty relaxed, Ferda rested as much as possible. Saturday night we went to her co-workers house for a party. Sunday morning we met a handful of the usual gang for breakfast and Broadway's. I had a huge, greasy breakfast and it was awesome. Then later Sunday afternoon, Cobro and Dave stopped by. We played a game of Ticket to Ride - a new boardgame we picked up the other weekend in Montreal. After the game, we watched a movie called Volver starring Penélope Cruz. Spanish movie, subtitled, full of crazy characters. Interesting movie - that's all I will say.

D&C took off after that and Ferda and I watched the finale of the Apprentice. We are both big fans of 'The Don' - however, surprisingly, we are not big fans of his children: Don Jr and Ivanka. Speaking of which - on SNL this Saturday which was hosted by ScarJo who did a really funny impersonation of Ivanka. I LOL'd.

Peace out ~ Have a good week!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Super Mega Ultra Review

No need to tell me, since I already know. I am officially the worst blogger of all times. Fitting that the last name change I gave this blog was 'blogging at it's worst' (or some derivative of that).

Where to begin - what's been going on in the life of the Pimpsons? I suppose work has taken up quite a bit of our time. As you may recall we both started new jobs around the December / January time frame and as such: work is work. And work is busy and time consuming.

Our winter ultimate team finished the season a few weeks back in 4th place or so. It was fun, but both Ferda and I are really looking forward to summer ultimate. Perhaps I mentioned this already, but we're set to play on a number of different teams:

  • Mondays - Huckin' Hores

  • Wednesdays - Jousting Disco Camels

  • Thursdays (Ferda only, women's team) - Discolicious (spelling may be wrong...)

  • Fridays - Gullwings

We've spent some nights recently looking at new cars - well, previously enjoyed cars but new to us. Ferda's old Honda is still tickin' but we are keeping our eyes open for a good deal on a second car. At the current time, we are doing fine with one car, but things might change in the future making it too hard to carpool for work in the mornings and afternoons. We decided to stick it out for now but have a good feeling what to get and where to get it. We visited Mega Mitsubishi in Hull and they have a giant selection of used cars at really good prices.

Lately over the past couple months I've hit a slump in my motivation to continue at the gym. I've come across this before and mentioned it before. I don't have a plan to get me back into it, I'm just hoping it will eventually change and I'll start to feel more 'in to' it. I still go about 3 days a week, but I'm not as hardcore as I once was; not as motivated to work hard or do that extra set of [insert workout name here].

As often as possible on the weekends I've been heading up to Montreal to see my grandparents and my dad. Nice to see them. Apparently a lot of the rest of the family is heading to Montreal (and the cottage no doubt) for early May. My cousin from Victoria, aunt from Vancouver, etc, are flying in early May - should be a good time, perhaps another reunion-style-thing at the cottage. I have some good pics of one of these reunions from back in like '94 or something on my PC at home. I should try and dig it up and post it here. Not that many from my family look at this site, but regardless. Speaking to that matter, maybe I should spread the link to super_ap to my extended family. I think that's what the great Palmer has done, however, he has a blog that doesn't disappoint. Whereas I have slipped into a posting block. Nothing really fantastic to write about. Or perhaps it can be attributed to laziness.

Ferda and I saw the new Will Farell movie Blades of Glory the other weekend. Very funny. Rented a few movies the week before that, they were Assault on Precinct 13, Inside Man, and Kingdom of Heaven. They were all decent, but, obviously, nothing to seriously blog about. Oh - and did I mention before we saw the movie 300? We saw it at the Imax which was a pretty cool experience. Amazing sound setup they have in there. So crisp, precise, and incredibly loud. I really liked the 300 a lot, and for a few days after we saw it, I was always shouting at Ferda:

"This is madness? This is --- SPARTA!"

Until she threatened me with the usual things a wife will threaten her husband with. I'll leave the specifics to your imagination. But to finish off this long, random post, here's a neat comic strip encompassing that line with our pal Mario and friends:

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tuesday Time Waster

Here's an interesting flash game for you:

Feed the Head

Friday, April 13, 2007

Retroactive Equity Increases

Here's an email from Warren, the captain of our Gullwings ultimate team:

-----Original Message-----
From: Warren
Sent: Thursday, April 12, 2007 10:00AM
To: James; Ferda; [rest of team...]
Subject: Re: Gullwings - Practice

Hi everyone!
So, we should hit the field when the weather clears up! Next week looks bad, but maybe afterwards?

I then wrote back to Warren saying:

-----Original Message-----
From: James
Sent: Thursday, April 12, 2007 10:04AM
To: Warren; Ferda
Subject: Re: Gullwings - Practice

I don't need practice. When you're as good as I am, there is no point in practicing.

Then Warren wrote back:

-----Original Message-----
From: Warren
Sent: Thursday, April 12, 2007 10:07AM
To: James; Ferda
Subject: Re: Gullwings - Practice

I guess that's true.... so you're excused. Conversely, Ferda, when are you available to practice?

Then Ferda tried to follow my lead, but was far too late:

-----Original Message-----
From: Ferda
Sent: Thursday, April 12, 2007 10:11AM
To: James; Warren
Subject: Re: Gullwings - Practice

I am also too good for practice!

And the final email of the series...

-----Original Message-----
From: Warren
Sent: Thursday, April 12, 2007 10:16AM
To: James; Ferda
Subject: Re: Gullwings - Practice

Without being too specific, as captain, I would require Ferda's presence at as many practices as possible, and only request James' presence to help out the others.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Simpson's Trivia

So I found out this morning that both my mom and Ferda's mom have something in common. For both of them, one of their favourite bands is the PetShop Boys.

Coincidence? You be the judge...