Monday, April 30, 2007

More on Sandwiches

Here's a guest blog entry from my grandfather in BC:

Glad you do not use cucumbers in your sandwiches, a useless tasteless veggie at the best of times but worse in a sandwich where it falls out - unless deliberately removed and left on the plate - as by me: June [my grandmother] may one day get the message.
But why mix meat and cheese? Its as bad as wasting money on a "Steak and Lobster dinner where the taste of each is masked by the other and you get the worst of both instead of the best which you get when eating them separately. There is nothing better than a good beef or ham or cheese sandwich, on their own, where you can enjoy the full flavour of the contents unmasked by other disconcerting tastes which end up making the whole thing an amorphous mess! And that ignores the fattening and health problems of having both unnecessarily together!


I don't agree with everything you wrote here Jack. I do like cucumbers sometimes in a sandwich. And meat and cheese go together like peanut butter and jam. But thanks for your input regardless. :D


Jack said...

I did not expect you to agree! I don't think it is a generation thing, perhaps just because you and I were brought up in different milieus!

I should have mentioned my same view of bacon - unbeatable on its own in a sandwich but wasted with other fillings as in, say, a baconburger!)

We'll each enjoy our own!

James said...

Jack -

I suppose we shall agree to disagree then. :D

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