Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Simpson's Trivia

So I found out this morning that both my mom and Ferda's mom have something in common. For both of them, one of their favourite bands is the PetShop Boys.

Coincidence? You be the judge...


Ferda said...

if this isn't a sign we were meant to be baby then I don't know what is! :P

Palmer said...

That is quite a random occurrence.

In fact, what are the odds considering it's not like it's a response like "Oh we both love the Rolling Stones.". We're talking about the Pet Shop Boys here!

Matt said...

Where's the trivia?

James said...

The trivia was that it was about the Simpson's.

Matt said...

Trivia = quiz questions.

James said...

not today bub. :D

This trivia was about family.



matters or things that are very unimportant, inconsequential, or nonessential; trifles; trivialities.

Matt said...

I am pretty sure that in that context your sentence is incomplete. "Simpson's Trivia"
and doesn't make sense.

I checked before replying too ;)

James said...

I used the appostophe because this is trivia that belongs to the Simpsons.

Perhaps the appostophe should have been placed after the S and not between the N and the S.

Where's an english major when you need one?

Palmer said...

I am not an English major but I know when Matt is wrong. Also, I love pointing out the fact since he always thinks he's right.

Technically, when you have questions concerning a subject, then it would be a quiz. Trivia are just factoids.

Ryan: "Matt, did you know that Chun Li was originally not part of Street Fighter 2?"
Matt: "Wow, I did not know that. That is an interesting piece of trivia." the case of...let's say, a trivia CHALLENGE, that is entirely different. It is a challenge using QUESTIONS based on TRIVIA - hence, factoids. Trivia on its own cannot be defined as questions because if you had a challenge of trivia, you would be having a challenge involving questions about...questions? (Alright, here's where Jeopardy comes into the picture to screw up my theory, but that's an exception.)

So there you have it Matt.

However, Matt isn't totally off his rocker.

You've been labeling all the past trivia challenges as "Simpsons Trivia", which was technically incorrect. It should have been labeled as either 'Simpsons Trivia Challenge' or 'Simpsons Trivia Question" or "Tournament of Simpsons Trivia - Winner TAKES THE WORLD!!!"

Matt said...

The dictionary does not agree with your "Trivia are just factoids." statement.