Monday, April 23, 2007

Statement of Other Income (T4A)

Back to work after a beautiful weekend. Really the first nice weekend we've had. BBQs were brought out and dusted off, cars were washed, gardening was done. Sadly thought, Ferda's been kinda sick for the past number of days. She stayed home from work on Thursday, and on Friday I insisted she go to the clinic to see what the matter is. The Dr's figure possible strep - but we won't know for sure until the sample comes back from the lab. Regardless, I worry for my lokum cause she's really been out of it: sleeping lots, no energy, and not really eating.

Weekend plans were simple - Friday not much happened, we met with a contractor to nail down the details for our interlock tumbled stone patio in the backyard. Ferda's pretty excited about this and so am I. Hopefully we'll have it done in the next 30 days or so, maybe even sooner. Just a neat little area off the backdoor where we can place the bbq, and then a patio table and chairs. Heck, maybe I'll have to get some patio lanterns as well. :D

Once that is done, I'll take a few days off work and get the fence between our yard and the neighbour's yard finally done. I haven't spoke to the neighbour yet, but I'm hoping he wants to go 50/50 on it. My dad stopped by yesterday for a visit, and he recommended instead of a typical cedar fence I should plant about 5 or 6 of some species of tree, I forget the latin name he used. He described it as a tall, pointed evergreen. I'm really not sure which would look better.

The rest of the weekend was pretty relaxed, Ferda rested as much as possible. Saturday night we went to her co-workers house for a party. Sunday morning we met a handful of the usual gang for breakfast and Broadway's. I had a huge, greasy breakfast and it was awesome. Then later Sunday afternoon, Cobro and Dave stopped by. We played a game of Ticket to Ride - a new boardgame we picked up the other weekend in Montreal. After the game, we watched a movie called Volver starring Penélope Cruz. Spanish movie, subtitled, full of crazy characters. Interesting movie - that's all I will say.

D&C took off after that and Ferda and I watched the finale of the Apprentice. We are both big fans of 'The Don' - however, surprisingly, we are not big fans of his children: Don Jr and Ivanka. Speaking of which - on SNL this Saturday which was hosted by ScarJo who did a really funny impersonation of Ivanka. I LOL'd.

Peace out ~ Have a good week!


Ferda said...

I don't like Don but I don't really mind Ivanka all that much... seriously babe do you ever listen to me? :-)

James said...

How could you not like the Don?

Palmer said...

Ugh. Potential of strep throat. THAT SUCKS! I had strep throat...last year? Maybe the year before? In June and it was killer.

Whatever you do, FINISH THE ANTIBIOTICS. They were making me sick (but that was because i didn't realize I had to eat them on a full stomach, silly me) and I stopped when I had ONE DAY LEFT and the strep throat came back and killed me 2 weeks later. I then had to go on some crazy super meds. That's why I have hair on my face now. Actually, it worked out pretty nicely.

James said...

true story?

Palmer said...

Which part?

All true. Maybe not the hair. Well, no one has proven it either way.

Jack said...

Probably cupressus, a fast growing cedar which, if planted closely enough together, makes a wonderful thick divider - only snag is that in due course it has to be kept trimmed (top also - and soon, unless you want to have to erect a gantry to get at it). But anyway a fence needs painting - and replacing sooner than the trees/hedge