Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Sucker for Punishment

Monday night we saw the finale of a second season of The Hills. And I suppose what is most incredible is that after two full seasons, neither LC nor Heidi have learned a freaking thing. (Note - the 2nd most incredible thing is that I'm still watching...)

[spoilers - if you haven't watched it yet]

I can't believe Heidi moved in with Spencer - she should have known better after seeing what happened with LC and Jason. I can only predict bad things happening here. I think the smartest one of the bunch is Whitney; but clearly not that smart since she's still hanging around these R-tards.

I guess the two biggest questions that are left unanswered are:
1) Will there be a season 3?
2) Will I continue to watch?

And my predictions:
1) Probably
2) Most definitely.

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Ferda said...

alls i'm sayin' is spencer is a snake