Thursday, May 17, 2007

Review: Spiderman 3

On Tuesday night, Mrs. Pimpson and I saw went to the movie theatre and watched the new Spiderman movie. We both liked it very much. Good action, plenty of web-slinging, everything you want in a spidey movie.

The villians were pretty evil and interesting. The story was interesting, however, we both felt that they had to change some facts from previous spidey movies to allow for this story line to occur. I suppose this kind of movie editting is ok, but kind of annoying. When you thought something happened one way, and then they go and say, 'no, actually, it happened this way.' Oh well.

We were actually going to the theatres to see the movie Hot Fuzz. You see, we had these two free movie passes that we got from General Mills cereals, and they were expiring soon, and the movie website said that no passes were allowed to see Spiderman. So we figured we couldn't see it. But when we got to the theatre, we asked if we could use the free passes to see Spidey and the pimple-faced kid behind the counter said yes.

Mind you, I think we would both still like to see Hot Fuzz sometime, but perhaps it can wait for a rental.


David said...

I liked Hot Fuzz, but Corinne wasn't a fan. It's not as good as Shaun of the Dead. Think Jackie Chan meets Inspector Gadget. I say rental!

mr_jeff said...

Spidey 3 was horrible! For the first 2 Spiderman films, I ignored my annoyance with Tobey Maquire... but what of that stupid dance number as the "evil Peter"... oh man! So bad! With the hair cut and all.

The story has progressed, but the Peter Parker character definitely hasn't grown up what-so-ever. Maybe a change is in order for Spidey 4.

The Venom character was also such a disappointment. In the comics, Venom is depicted as a much stronger, more evil version of Spidey. What do we get? Topher Grace? C'mon. The early rumors of The Rock as Venom would have spiced things up a bit.

They've been playing up the Jr Goblin - Spiderman (Harry vs Peter) subplot for the last 2 movies... and then nothing comes of it.