Thursday, July 12, 2007

Best Pranks

Today at work some of us were talking about some of the pranks we were involved in, or had done to us. For example, a while back I posted pics of the time I tin foiled a co worker's office for April Fool's Day.

Anyway, I remembered one I was involved in back in high school that was pretty funny. In my grade 12 year (last year) about 8-10 of us went out at lunch to the parking lot and literally picked up this one teacher's car and moved it to an area beside the lot with a few trees. We moved it right in between two trees so there was no way of getting it outta there by driving it. Was quite funny, and a well organized plan since it took quite a bit of coordination to lift and move the car. End of the story was we got it quite a bit of shit and had to move it back down to the pavement.

What was one of your best pranks?

EDIT: And today is payday! WOOHOO!


Palmer said...

We printed off letters from the Fire Marshall at work and placed on Holly's chair. It stated that her Halloween lights around our cubes were a fire hazard and she was to contact the fire marshall of the building.

So of course Holly comes running into my office wondering if I got a similar letter because I also had lights up but I told her no, but she better call the guy and just tell him that you'll take them down.

So Pierre and I position ourselves outside her office to hear her conversation on the phone...

Holly: Hello may I speak to (insert the guy's fake name here)?
Holly: No, the fire marshall?
Holly: Huh, wait, who am I calling?

Ah, classic.

Holly said...

I totally bust a gut thinking of that day now but I was pretty pissed at the fire marshall for bitching about my lights when Palmer had lights up too! The fire Marshalls name was Jack LeLonde. I remember it quite well so I figured french so when I called it was hard to hear the dude say Schwarma King when he answered the phone because of his thick accent. Not to mention I was in such a huff I just wanted to get my point out to him. Oh... HRSDC, how I miss working there! Good times!

James said...

that's pretty damn funny.