Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Long Weekend Review

Not to be outdone by Ferda, here's my blog post for the month of July. She's right, I haven't been blogging much lately, albeit, it's been more than her, which is saying quite a bit considering she's at home right now watching Maury :D

I guess I just have been lazy to blog - but I'll try and get back into it. I'm not sure if many people still read these. If you are still out there please leave a comment - then I'll know I still have an audience ;)

So - Friday night after the Gullwings won (putting us at 7-0 for the season so far) we came home, cleaned up, and invited Jmo and Heather over. They brought their new wii game Brain Academy: Wii Degree and we played that for a bit and then also played a quick round of Mario Party8. After we were done with our wii's, we played a speedy game of Settler's which brought us to about 2am. At this point, Heather was falling asleep as usual so they took off.

Saturday brought us out to the Rideau River with Alex and Holly for some boating. The weather wasn't really all that great, but we still had a super time. Even though it rained on and off again, the water was surprisingly warm so it was nice to get some wakeboarding done. First time of the season was difficult for us all, and I think we're all still feeling it in our backs and muscles. I had a particularly spectacular wipe out which I'm still feeling today.

After boating we went to Holly's for some grub - she made a great dinner which we all enjoyed very much. After dinner, the drinking started as more arrived and we prepared for our night out at the Heart and Crown downtown. Many folks were down there, and I had a great time chatting, drinking, and rocking out to celebrate our nations birthday.

Sunday morning I woke early thanks to my father's phone call at 9am. I wasn't very impressed with him. Regardless we got out stuff together and headed out to the cottage to visit him, and my aunt and uncle. We relaxed at the cottage for the afternoon, they showed us their pictures from the recent trip to Greece. Ferda was pretty intrigued with the pictures, as I guess that the similarities between turkish and greek culture are quite strong. For dinner we headed to that fancy restuarant out there, Auberge Val Carol and we had a very tasty supper. After dinner we drove back to Ottawa which took quite a while - didn't get back home until about 1am.

Monday we took it easy, watched some tv in the morning and bummed around. In the afternoon we went to the movies to watch Knocked Up which was pretty funny and disturbing at the same time. Then for the evening we had an ultimate game which we won. Neither of us felt like we played all too great since our bodies were still pretty sore from boating.

And today, Tuesday, back to work. This morning while I was sitting in the kitchen eating cereal, I noticed two bunnies jumping around in our backyard. Likely the same two bunnies that ate my tulips back in the spring. So I went outside and had a little chat with those bunnies and told them to stay away from my tomato plants.


Holly said...

I still read your blog James! My fav part of your post was how diplomatic you were with those bunnies! Tee hee!

Ferda said...

James you are such a copy catter!

Holly you should have seen him this morning. I saw him out the window wagging his index finger at the bunnies saying "promise me you'll stay away from the tomatoes". So cute! Teeehee - he's going to punch me now that I told you that :-)

Anonymous said...

If those bunnies did what you said, tell me what it was so I can try it on mine who so far are impervious to all pleas to stick to grass and leave the veggies alone. If I had a .22.....!


Jen(nnn) said...

Darn bunnies. Can you let them know that their cousins in Mississauga are NOT welcome to my bushes either? My garden seems to have survived my trip to London, but I discovered some downed branches this morning next to my purple sandcherry bushes.

David said...

I be readin' the bloggin'!

Just don't ask me to post anything ;P