Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Mid Summer Review

I guess it's about time for another blog post. Only a few things to update on. Most of our routines are still the same. Ferda's still "in between jobs" and enjoying her time off at home. I think that she's still making the most of it, by playing ultimate, visiting with other unemployed friends, and, just this past week, she got to go wakeboarding! I was quite jealous about this one; imagine Ferda out in the sun on a beautiful lake, shredding the wake, while I'm still at work. Booo-urns. And yes, I said Boo-urns.

About two weeks ago now we bought a new car. Well, it's new for us. I guess you could call it previously enjoyed. However, only slightly enjoyed as it has very few kilometers on it. Approx 16,000 kms. It's a '06 Toyota Corolla and we're quite happy with it. So now that we have two cars again, I no longer have to take the bus to work, which is good, since we all know my attitude towards public transportation.

I'm still wasting away my youth at work, things are pretty quiet here over the summer, to say the least. Not much is going on around here, but I suppose that's good so I can continue to go to the gym on my lunchbreaks. Speaking of the gym, I'm seeing some improvements again in the amount of weight I can lift for shoulder press and bench press. I've got my bench press up to 185 pounds consistently, and my shoulder press to 135. I'm pretty happy with those amounts. I guess I still need to sub in more cardio to help shed some excess weight from around my mid section; maybe I'll save that for the Fall. Ahhhh, nothing like procrastination. :D

Speaking of cardio - we're still playing lots of ultimate frisbee. Ferda's officially playing 4 nights a week still, while I play 3. However, most weeks she subs in for a team for the 5th night, making it a long week of ultimate. Both of our games have improved a lot, and we're seeing our distance and accuracy in throwing getting better and better each day. And I just bought some fancy new cleats over the weekend, so I'm looking forward to ripping up some turf and out-running some opponents over the next few weeks. As we get closer to August, and the playoffs for ultimate, all of our teams are doing quite well. Playoff weekend should be quite a blast. Let's just hope for some good weather.

I suppose that's all I have to say for now - stay tuned for another update later on in July.


Palmer said...

You two are machines when it comes to Ultimate! That's craziness. I don't even know of one thing I do 3-4 times a week. Maybe eat a sandwich. That's about it.

James said...

aww yeah... the sandwich.

Kevin said...

Hopefully team FFF will be the Cinderella of Friday night Ultimate this year and come close to the Gullwings again. I'm sure you guys wouldn't mind the rematch, eh? ;-)

Then again, we never got a trophy!

James said...

we def would like a rematch.

Ferda said...

no trophy??!?! you guys got ripped off.