Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Update on Ferda

Hi everybody (this has to be read in a Dr. Nick voice),

James has been off his blogging kick lately. Although I'm not too sure why since he's always complaining about not having enough things to do at work. It's because he has a normal workload now as opposed to the bajillion fires/day he is accustomed to putting out at his previous job. Anyhoodles, I figured I'd pick up the slack a little...

As some of you may or may not know I am currently "in between jobs" and no that is not code for "I got fired" because I didn't. I quit my job which was sort of tough because I loved what I was doing but more importantly I loved the people I worked with. I had the best boss ever! However I loved the idea of having some serious time off in the summer to catch up on some bumming around even more. I do have something lined up so I'm not really stressing. I had applied for this Management Trainee Program with the federal government and after a series of tests and interviews I got in the program (suckers!). The thing about this program though is that I have to get my CBCs in French before I start. I got evaluated and it turns out I require about 10 months of French training for me to get there. French classes here I come! I'm just waiting now to find out when they start. I have always wanted to speak French so I'm really looking forward to it.

My last day of work was June 7th. My parents came into town that day and stayed with us for about 10 days. It was great seeing them and having them around. It felt strange when they left. I miss them already. We mostly relaxed when they were here. We had long drawn out meals on the patio just savoring the day... James' best man Jordan was also in town around the same time with his fiancee Katie. There were 6 of us at our place at one point but it was fine, it was actually quite fun having a full house like that. We introduced them to the best board game ever: Settlers of Catan. Needless to say they became instantly hooked, which has been the case with anyone else we've played that game with, I think everyone went out and bought their own afterwards. We were playing Settlers into the wee hours of the night even on the night before they were leaving back to Vancouver and had to leave the house at 6 AM.

I had another visitor at the end of June. My good friend Jen came to visit me from Mississauga. We saw Staylefish in concert on the 21st. She surprised her super talented brother Dan who plays guitar on Staylefish. He had no idea she was going to be there and was clearly touched by her support. It was so sweet! Jen hooked me up with their latest disc, which happens to be fantastic and perfect for the summertime, and I got myself some cool Staylefish threads.

All the while I've been playing ultimate almost every day. My main goal with this time off has been to get somewhat into shape and lose some poundage. I am currently on 4 teams: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday (women's) and Friday but I've also been subbing for a couple of teams on Tuesdays as well. I've also been going to Hot Power Yoga classes. I'm done with the classes now and am thinking of maybe starting to run and going to the gym for some weight training. We'll see how long this kick lasts...

I know there was some other stuff I wanted to write about but I can't remember right now. I will write more another day. It's not like I don't have the time or anything ;-) Heeheehee

Oh but I want to post some trailers of some movies I want to catch in case anyone is interested. This one is coming to the Bytowne towards the end of this month, Eagle vs. Shark:

and this one just looks hilarious, Superbad:

Also Fifa U20 is in town and we're thinking of catching a game.

I think I'll go see what's in the fridge now... laters!


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Jen(nnn) said...

Ferds, you should be blogging every day. Shame on you. LOL. There are only so many magazines and talk shows...