Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Golf and a Movie

Yesterday after work some co-workers and I went out for a quick round of golf. We managed to get in almost 11 holes, even though we only paid for 9. The weather was pretty decent for it too, I thought; not too hot, not too much wind. I was pretty happy.

Back in June, the same group of us went to a office golf tournament. We did ok, considering how back we all are. Get this, our foursome consists of:

James (me) (aka Homer)
James (aka Jamesmo)
James (aka Seamus)
Scott (doesn't really have a nickname)

But isn't it crazy that there's so many guys named James who work here?

After golf, Jamesmo and I went to the movies and watched the new Transformers movie. I liked it a lot. He complained about plot holes, but I know he liked it too. Made for a late night, since I didn't get back til 1am-ish. I imagine it was even later for Jamesmo since he drove - but we were both good employees and made it into work today. And now today, specifically this afternoon, Ferda is going to see the same Transformers movie with Warren. I'm sure she'll like it.

In fact - I bet you all would like it - really quite a good movie.

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Jen(nnn) said...

Oooh! I can't wait to see this one.