Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Our Friday night ultimate team, Gullwings, won again! We had the playoffs on Sunday and we managed to win both the semi and the final. We all worked really hard, especially near the end when our muscles were sore beyond belief.

Big congrats to Warren, our captain, for leading us to victory! And thanks to Kevin for the great pics!


James said...

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Matt said...

Awesome, congrats guys.
Good pics.

Ferda said...

I like your pufferfish face on the second pic LOL

James said...

Yes, perhaps I had a 'pufferfish face' for that photo, but that's because I pull for the length of the field, 90-something yards.

When you can pull that far my dear, your face will 'puffer' also.

At least I didn't lose a knife fight.

Ferda said...

Whoa easy! It seems like I touched on a touchy subject. Ok I'll stop poking fun at your pufferfish face LOL

James said...

two words:

knife. fight.