Monday, August 27, 2007

I'm So Ronery.

This being Ferda's last week of freedom before her FT french training starts on Sept. 4th - her parents convinced her she should fly out to London and visit with them for a week. I dropped her off at the airport yesterday. Such a strange feeling being alone in our house. I think it's the first time I've been there by myself.

I guess it's fair, since she got to experience the same thing when I went to DR with Warren. I suspect she's pretty exhausted from her flight - was a red eye - so makes senses I haven't heard from her.

So I bet you, the readers, are all curious about what I'll do while she's gone. So I won't disappoint, here's the list.

1 - Play as much video games as humanly possible while still getting the minimal requirements of sleep to get up for work the next day. Period. This takes priority above all the rest. ;)
2 - Prove to Ferda that I can survive without her feeding me. She has some crazy idea that I'll only eat cereal and plain bread while she's gone. So far I guess I'm not doing too well, since I had toast for breakfast today.
3 - Again, prove to Ferda that I can keep the house clean and tidy while she's gone. This will be easy.

I guess that's all. Have a good week everyone!


James said...

So Ronery

Sner said...

poor James - I'm sure Jmo will aide in your effort to play wow until you right index finger falls off. Just remember to hit "2" a lot (at least that's how I always played).

Ferda said...

awww I will be back in no time baby! Just remember to blink when you're playing wow. Sner was 2 for wrath for you too?

James said...

yoohoo. no more right index fingers!