Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Picture Perfect

Here's a bunch of pics I thought I would share. First of all, you may remember my tomato plants: here's a new pic:
Secondly, here's a funny one of Ferda driving the tractor up at the cottage over the weekend. At first she said, I'm not driving it, blah blah blah, it's lame, blah blah blah. Anyways, once she got on it, the smile on her face was HUGE. Clearly she is a red-neck like her husband:

And here's an updated pic of Ferda's orchids that I brought back from the dead. She thought it was totally gone, but I managed to bring it back from the dead, and you can see a lot of flowers will be blooming soon, Ferda can't wait:
Also on that last one you can see the colour we choose for the morning room. Here's the colour of the entry way, hallway, and living room:And here's one just for fun, enjoy!

Obviously just joking!


Ferda said...

great I can't believe there is a photo of me riding a tractor on the internet - how humiliating!

Matt said...

Lol, Big pink... it's almost as funny as that pic of Ferda riding a tractor.

Ferda said...

no iz funnier!