Monday, August 13, 2007

Summer's Almost Over Review

I suspect pretty much everyone else summer is going the same as ours: busy and fast.

Its a shame that September is just around the corner. While I do look forward for ultimate to finally wrap up, I won't be happy when the days get shorter, and colder, and less fun. Seems the summer just provides for more opportunities to do stuff. Sure, that stuff could be chores, or work, or fun things, but still stuff in general.

New stuff to report:
Last week I pushed Ferda really hard to get the main floor of our house painted. When we moved in 2 years ago (sheeeeit, time flies) the walls were all an off-white colour. Not bad to start, but I think it lost it's charm. So Ferda went out and bought a few different colours of paint: pink, brown, and yellow. Trust me, it may not sound good they way I wrote it, but on the walls in the house, it looks pretty damn good. So last week, after work and in between ultimate games, I was painting all the walls on the main floor. I expect we'll eventually move on to painting the basement tv room as well as the upstairs bedrooms. But not right away. Maybe in the fall when I have more free time.

Bought tickets to fly to Vancouver for Thanksgiving. My mom's pretty happy about this I expect; haven't seen her since the wedding. We're going for a week at the end of Sept / beginning of Oct.

Been out boating lots this summer, shredding the wake. Here's a photo of a wake jump I did on Sunday:

Hopefully I'll get to head out a few more times before the water gets too cold. Ferda's really got into wake boarding as well. Considering this is her first summer trying it, she's improved very quickly. She can cut in and out of the wake with ease, and is even attempting a few jumps here and there. I'm really proud of her. Perhaps this winter we'll have to try her out on the slopes on a snowboard. She seems to have the edge concept down well, will just take a bit of transition to get used to snow.

Back at work today after a good weekend. Saw my dad on Saturday, we just chilled and relaxed up at the cottage. That's it, have a good week.


Matt said...

Nice pic, yesterday we tried the wakeboard without fins.

Very fun, much closer to snowboarding than with fins.

mickalex said...

Not bad, you might want to come to Australia and board in the summer{bit warmer}!

James can you email me

I am doing a history book on our family {meadows of Witnesham}and i have been connecting us all up from around the world.There is a few of us here in OZ.