Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Update on James

Since Ferda hasn't done an 'Update on Ferda' yet, even though I specifically requested one here, I suppose I'll do one on myself.

I think I mentioned, or you can likely tell from the giant glass trophy a few posts down, ultimate is over for the summer. Therefore my easy method of getting lots of cardio done during the week is gone. So my friend James has convinced me that we should be doing cardio at the gym, as well as our normal weight-lifting routine. However though, lately I haven't been able to do much upper body work because I hurt my right shoulder again at ultimate. I did this last summer as well and it took about 3-4 months to fully heal. I'm really trying to not strain it further this time and let it heal - because I would like to get back the weight-lifting routine asap.

So anyway, the cardio is going okay. We are going after work around 4:45-5:30 and so far have gone each day this week. I plan to go again today after work; James, however, can't make it. Have been doing stuff like elliptical, stair master, tread mill type stuff. Not all that fun, but the time goes by quickly when you have a friend there to chat with. Thanks James!

Oh - and did I mention I might be going on strike at work? Ya. Not to excited about that. Supporting 2 people on 1 salary is hard enough - supporting 2 people on no salary just doesn't work.


Palmer said...

Look at the benefits of the strike'll be getting cardio from all that picketing!

Dish said...

Just be careful not to do any more harm to your shoulder carrying around a heavy picket sign! (Palmer and I are striking pros.)

James said...

I figure I'll get the kind you wear like a sandwich board or whatever, not the kind you need to hold up over your head.

And, also, we're making signs that say "Honk if you like cookies!"

Quinta said...

People should read this.