Saturday, January 19, 2008

Cloverfeild? [no spoilers]

What the heck was that?

Anyone else see that movie over the weekend? Pretty crazy. Pretty different. The one thing I didn't like was the shaky camera. Ferda didn't like that either too much.

But we did go for a nice dinner before the movie at the asian restaurant near the theaters. Its called Pho Thi Fusion I think. Pretty tasty, big portions. Lots of different dishes.

Happy weekend!!!


Matt said...

Joe, Danielle, Karilee and myself watched it.
They came out and warned us about the shaky camera before the movie started.
Once I got used to it I didn't mind the shaky camera.
We all seemed to like it.
No award winning performances, but good movie regardless.

Matt said...

Oh and we hit the "Mongolian Village" before the movie, it has a really interesting concept where you get your own (raw) food at a buffet.
Then bring it to the cooks. They weigh it and charge you X amount for every 100g.

They cook it and bring it to your table. It was pretty cool, about the same price as a regular meal.

I liked the salmon and lamb, mmmmm.

Palmer said...

Cloverfield was awesome. Very original idea in that the movie wasn't about the monster persay. Aww yeah.

James said...

I've ate at that Mongolian Village before. I liked it.

Palmer's been shedding some more info in the whole "cloverfield" thing, pretty interesting.

Dish said...

I just wish they hadn't done the closeup of the monster at the end. I liked it better as a large, vague shadow. Takes something away when you actually see it in detail. These things can never be as scary as your imagination can make them (except Orcs in LOTR, which were scarier in the movie than in my brain). The shakey camera made me nauseous though. I felt like I had been on the tilt-a-whirl for a couple of hours. Yuck!

Anonymous said...

I must say... I wasn't a fan....

All Alex and I had for dinner was toasted tomato sandwiches and Alex and I both felt like nauseous when we left. And Alex said he never gets sick by things like that. I kept having to look at the wall of the theatre every so often just to put myself on steady ground for a minute.