Tuesday, January 29, 2008


You know you've been playing far too much Guitar Hero III on your Wii, when...

  • You hear a new song and you imagine what the note chart would look like.
  • (and as you listen to said new song, you finger the imaginary note chart)
  • You randomly starting singing the lyrics to 'Slow Ride' at the wrong times.
  • You tell your friends to hit you with their best shot.
  • When your S-O catches you activating star-power in your sleep.
  • When you bring GH3 to French Class because you told your french teacher about Mauvais Garcon
  • You think of people who could possibly destroy The Metal.


Sner said...

but who could possibly destroy the metal???

Simon said...

Erm...New-Wave tried to destroy the metal, but if I remember correctly, the metal had its way. Come to think of it, punk-rock tried to destroy the metal but I know that the metal was much too strong.