Thursday, September 11, 2008

Summer's over dude

No kidding. As no different from other summer's passed, Ferda and I played a hell of a lot of ultimate frisbee. I played on 3 different teams: Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. While Ferda did something different this year - she made the Ottawa competitive women's team Scarlett. So with that team she was practicing twice and week (Tues and Thurs) with games and tournaments on the weekends. As well, she was also playing Wednesday nights and occasionally she would be able to make it out on Friday nights to play with her husband, ME!

For Friday's, we played with our regular friends on the Gullwings team. We did have some new players this year, but they fit in nicely and we did well over the course of the summer. For my Tuesday and Wednesday teams, I was with brand new teams for me. They included me quickly into the rosters, and within no time at all, I was yelling and screaming like I always do.

Both of our games have improved because of all the playing we have been doing. Ferda has emerged as an incredible handler and can toss the disc further than most men. As well, her read on the play, both offense and defense, is perfect. For me, I've been working on both my right and left hand flicks. My right is pretty solid now and the left is getting better. I hope soon to be completely ambidextrous on the field. That would be pretty frickin' sweet.

So, ya, obviously Ferda was away for most of the summer travelling with Scarlett. For many consecutive weekends she was away in Montreal, Toronto, even Calgary to attend Nationals in August. But despite being apart so much over the summer, things are still great.


ferda said...

they are? phew what a relief! ;-)

I have to be honest it had a lot to do with what an amazing supportive husband I've got, despite the fact that he outed me for my plastic bag elitism.

James said...

I'm getting you a t-shirt that says "I'm a plastic bag elitist"

KBS said...

I hope soon to be completely ambidextrous on the field. That would be pretty frickin' sweet.

I believe you meant to say..

That would be pretty flickin' sweet.

I'm terrible, I know.