Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Welcome back riders! How was your ride?

This past weekend we drove down to Cedar Point. In Sandusky. Ohio. 10 hours by car.

Alex, Holly, Ferda and I all took the day off work and left town early Friday morning. We stopped a few times on the way but managed to make it there around 10pm. We met up with Alex's family from Windsor and the twelve of us had a great time: beers, soft pretzels, coasters - what's not to like!?

The weather cooperated pretty well considering hurricane Ike was headed our way. All things considered it was a great weekend. Thank you Ryan Hill for organizing, and thank you Alex and Holly for taking us to America's Roller Coast!

Two new Hollyisms emerged from the weekend that I must share:

1) She was meaning to say someone was a 'third-wheel', however she used the term 'third-leg' - which we explained to her is a slang term for penis.

2) At a restaurant in the States, after I ordered a coffee to drink with my dinner, Holly asked the server if they had any flavoured coffees. The server replied: "Well we have iced coffees." Holly then asked: "Are those cold?"

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ferda said...

those were hillarious!