Monday, October 27, 2008

Guitar Hero:World Tour

Sunday morning: Got up at 6:15, quickly dressed and got in the car. Drove over to our local Wal-Mart to get in line for their 7am opening.

The reason: Sunday, Oct. 26th was the release day for the new installment of GuitarHero: GH:WT.

I was second in line overall, and first to get it for the Nintendo Wii. Got home about 7:30 and took it all outta the box. Played for a couple hours, trying to remain as quiet as possible since Ferda was still in bed.

Really like the look and feel of the new guitar - the strum bar is very tight and responsive. The touchpad slider is super fun to play with as well. The drums are real fun to play - seems to be Ferda's favourite so far. Didn't try out the singing just yet, perhaps will have to add some liquid courage first (ie: beer). Can't wait to get home from work to play some more. Plently of songs we didn't even try yet!


Palmer said...

You know what I love about this post? It demonstrates your passion. I love people with passion.

Now onto the goods...have you tried the new Pumpkins tune?

James said...

wasn't sure the new pumpkins tune is on it.

I have played "today" so far, but that's by the pumpkins.

I'm really excited to play "crazy train" by ozzy. working my way towards it (it's in the last tier).

Palmer said...

What the heck, that's really strange. G.L.O.W. was *supposedly* released for the Guitar Hero only. I can't even buy it digitally. Maybe it's part of a Pumpkins only theme pack or something.