Monday, December 08, 2008

Weekend Review?

Friday night's traffic was horrible. It snowed a little bit thru-out the city and I guess the tempature was just right to create black ice. Took Ferda about two hours sitting in traffic to go maybe 5 blocks. I ended up walking to meet her. We had our office holiday party Friday night at the Hard Rock Cafe - it was a good time. Won a nice bottle of wine.

Saturday morning we played pickup frisbee at the Ben Franklin Dome. It was awesome. The quality of players were top-notch, comp folks, and we were no exception. We both fit in really well with the high calibre players. Ferda had a great couple games full of solid handling, a point or two, and a crazy insane handblock. It was so intense. I scored about 3-4 points, handled a bit, and even got a layout grab off some swill that Ferda threw my way ;-) We had a lot of fun. For the rest of Saturday we just lounged around nursing our beat up bodies and legs. Later in the evening Alex came over and he and I played the 007 game on the Wii and even some guitar hero. I think he left around 3am after Ferda came home from Holly's girls xmas party.

Sunday we slept in, shovelled some snow, and ordered greek food. Was a great weekend.

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Aleta said...

We don't get snow that often in New Orleans, but it happened this morning. Traffic crawls, because people around here don't know how to drive in snow (it's not clear - like rain - against your windshield - too funny). Isn't Wii great?