Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Reviews: Zack and Miri; Rocker

Last night we took it easy and watched a couple of movies: Zack and Miri Make a Porno and The Rocker.

Zack and Miri was really good. The male lead was played by Seth Rogen. I am really starting to like this fellow Canadian. He was very good Pineapple Express, which we saw a bit ago. And I think I've liked him in just about every other movie he's been in. 'Porno' was just what you would expect from a Kevin Smith film: funny and off-the-wall totally different. It was pretty rude at certain points, and I won't get into that here. But we still really liked it. And it was cool to recognize all of the 'Kevin Smith regulars' in the movie from his Clerks series.

The Rocker starred Dwight (Rainn Wilson) from the tv series The Office, which we are both huge fans of. Sadly, I have to say I wasn't a huge fan of this movie. Unlike 'Porno', which obviously I knew where it was going (the title doesn't leave much to the imagination), The Rocker could have taken one of many different directions. Sadly, in my opinion, it took the path already used by Jack Black in School of Rock. Without giving too much away: Rainn Wilson joins a band with young teens (tweens?) and they proceed to rock out and such. Funny - but I had already seen this movie.

Peace out - and stayed tuned for more reviews shortly.

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Palmer said...

The rocker sounds lame and you have confirmed it. Why can't they come up with wacko ideas and put it into the film? LIke he forms a band with teenagers and then they have to battle galactic space aliens with their rock power. Now that would be a movie I'd be interested in seeing.

It's like From Dusk Till Dawn. Who would have thought it would turn into some awesome monster movie?