Monday, February 02, 2009

Movie Reviews

Over the weekend we saw a few different movies: Igor, The Wackness, and Into the Wild.

Igor was really good. Typical new-age 'Shrek-type' cartoon with lots of famous voice actors. The story was really cute and funny, and the characters in the movie were very original and fun. The main plot is about an Igor who no longer wants to work for his master and wants to do all the evil inventing himself. A good watch if you have the time.

Now we really didn't know what to expect from the Wackness. Not even sure how we ended up with this one. The story follows a recent high school grad and his exploits over the course of that summer, which happened to be 1994. The music was pretty good, and the story was pretty wild. Some of the characters he meets and interacts with are pretty crazy. Won't give too much away, but you might like to check this one out.

Finally, Into the Wild. A really, really amazing story of a young man and his adventure to Alaska. Based on a true story, this is must see movie. The soundtrack, largely Eddie Vedder, is very good. The story will warm your heart, make you think outside the box, and perhaps even garnish a tear or two. Really a superb movie that both Ferda and liked immensely. Check this out for sure.

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Pıno said...

Into the Wıld - Amazıng movıe. Last movıe I watched ın Ottawa. (with my ex)

Incredıble movıe.
For those who have not seen ıt, please do.