Monday, June 08, 2009

Movie Review: Up

Sunday morning/afternoon we headed over to the Colliseum on Carling to watch the latest Disney/Pixar film, Up.

If you like Pixar movies (Toy Story, Wall-E, Cars...) then you will absolutely love this film as well. And did I mention it's in 3D? The 3D part was cool, especially if you have never seen a film in 3D before, but not necessary to enjoy the movie.

I hadn't been out to the theatre for a long time, but I really had a good time watching this movie. Anyways - back the movie. This is a must see. Whether you wait for the DVD rental or see it now in theatres, you must watch this movie.


Ferda said...

you may also want to pack a hankie with you

Matt said...

agreed, it was very sad

Ferda said...

it was a depressing happy i think. depressing in that it's sad to see your loved one pass away, but also happy because it kind of gives you something to aspire to. i know for me, i watched that movie and thought that i want to go through life with Kari just like that.

Ferda said...

that last comment was by me warren but oops i didn't notice that comments were logged in as ferda.

warren is awesome by the way.

Sis said...

I luved it!