Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Pizza Place

So we tried a new pizza place last night, Romeo's Pizza. I guess that Ferda had been there a long time ago when she first moved to Canada. We stopped on the way home from our ulty game and placed our order: Kebab Pizza.

In retrospect, it was a gamble. Donair meat on a pizza? What were we thinking? While we waited for our pizza to be prepared, we walked to the other end of the strip mall to the XS Cargo store and browsed around. We found a medium sized rice cooker and bought it for $9.99 - hopefully try it out tonight and see if it is any good. Ten minutes later it was time to return and pick up our pizza.

Ferda opened the lid and took a quick glance... and it was... a thing of beauty. We raced home and thoroughly enjoyed our pizza pie.

Now I know I throw this around a lot, so perhaps it has lost some meaning, but:
Best. Pizza. Ever.


kevin said...

Speaking of Ultimate... what happened to Gullwings? Are you guys on a Monday night team this year?

James said...

Gullwings has folded.

We started a new Wednesday team.

And I picked up with some people I met at winter IID for Monday nights.

How is FFF doing?

kevin said...

That's too bad! FFF is no where near what Steak Sauce was, but we'll have a good time. My other team (that I'm only really a spare for since I'm in TO most of the time), Turtles, is on Monday. You'll see Kate if you play them.